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Coronavirus Corvid-19 advice; 

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Satley Parish Council is contacting residents of the parish to ensure adequate provision is made for the less capable to access food, prescriptions and fuel etc during the current self-isolation period. All residents are encouraged to regularly check on their neighbours, especially the elderly, even with just a phone call, where necessary to ensure they are well and able to obtain any provisions.

The Parish Council will assist where possible. Cllr Colin Hodgson can be contacted on 07814 008 374

Gavin Clark can be contacted on 07717 454 190.

GDPR - Satley PC is not a direct marketing organisation and the ICO is taking a pragmatic approach in the light of the current emergency with regard to the need to share in formation. Data Protection comes secondary to assisting the public.


This is to:

 a) comply with social distancing and help younger children who might not understand nor comply and 

b) as a result of a) above the normal safety checks of the equipment will not be carried out so the Parish Council's insurers would likely void any claim for injury or damage arising from the use of the equipment.

03 April 2020

Financial support and advice regarding energy bills - click on the link below and scroll down through the loans, bank advice etc to energy company responses -